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Dog Training

Shuster K9 Solutions
‚ÄčUn-leashing Your K-9's Limitless Potential
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Cynthia Shuster trains all types of dogs! Growing up around dogs, cats, birds, and horses, she found her passion of training animals at age 12 and has spent countless hours working with trainers in several states and studying theory and application with respect to her field.  She has owned more than 30 German Shepherds, and currently owns two. Cynthia is active in the IPO/Schutzhund community and participates in all regional and national events in both Show and Working Dog lines. She recently reached the IOP/Schutzhund level one with Sir Blake, placing first with three entries in Confirmation Shows in the past year.  Cynthia works closely with the Lakeway Animal control officer and is active in local dog clubs.

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