• Well, Well, Wellness!

    An annual check-up is the most cost-efficient way to keep your pet healthy. Protect your fuzzy friend with vaccines and parasite preventatives, and let us do a look-over from tooth to tail. We vaccinate only as necessary and exclusively use “PureVax” for cats—the safest, longest-lasting feline vaccines available.

    So Fresh, So Clean

    “Dog breath” is nothing to sniff at. Tooth and gum problems can be so painful that our furry friends quit eating, and tooth decay may lead to systemic issues, such as diabetes, kidney, heart and liver disease.

    We consider dental health—and community service—so critical that every year we offer a terrific deal! Schedule a cleaning for your cat or dog in February, and bring a new toothbrush and toothpaste. We’ll knock $60 off your bill and donate the dental supplies to Caring for Cambodia , an Austin-based non-profit that gives 25,000 toothbrushes to Cambodian children and their families each year.

    Homeward Bound

    Don’t you want to give your bestie their best shot at being found? A microchip, no bigger than a grain of rice, can be inserted under your pet’s skin in the time it takes to administer a vaccination. (Also like a vaccination, the pain is quick and minimal!) When a lost pet lands at a shelter or vet’s office, a scanner checks for the microchip and retrieves your contact info. Now your friend is homeward bound!

  • Internal Medicine & Surgery

    With healthcare, there’s no “one size fits all.” We take an integrative approach to internal medicine. When formulating a treatment plan, we consider not just symptoms and the latest diagnostics, but your friend’s age, genes, and personal history. And we schedule surgeries daily, so if your pet needs a procedure fast, we’re on it. We can usually honor same-day spay/neuter and dental cleaning requests.

  • Laser Therapy

    Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light to stimulate circulation and cell activity, which increases the speed of healing. The treatment is pain-free and, even better, it lessens nerve sensitivity and releases endorphins—natural pain-banishers made by your pet’s own furry body.

    Laser therapy may be used to effectively treat arthritis, muscle and ligament injuries, soft tissue damage following surgery, hot-spots, open wounds, ear infections, anal gland infections, and gingivitis. It has no known side effectives, and a session generally lasts between 10-30 minutes.

  • Labs & Radiology

    We have an extensive on-site lab and process nearly all of our diagnostics in-house. This means you generally have results in 20 minutes. We like to keep the process flowing, so we can discover what’s up with your friend and begin treatment, pronto.

    We also stock the latest in digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment, to get quick, accurate results and preventively screen senior pets for tumors. For complicated radiology cases, we partner with board-certified radiologist and imaging specialist Dr. Matthew Cannon.

  • Home Visits

    If you have a tough time with travel, we’ll come to you! Our home/ranch services include vaccinations, exams, laser therapy, labor and delivery, and certain labs and surgeries. We can also help you say goodbye to your beloved family member in comfort and privacy.

  • Boarding

    Boarding can be traumatic for pets and their people—particularly if your pal came from a shelter. That’s why when you board with us, there’s always a Lakeway staffer around to ensure your bestie feels cozy and adored.

    You Make Me Feel Like a Natural K-9

    Our boarding facility has personal runs with transparent doors, so that our friends know they’re part of the action but can relax in safety. We schedule supervised outdoor play and group play  for well-socialized dogs. And, because we know pups are people-persons, we keep a team member around, even overnight, so no one’s tempted to join the Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    Welcome To The (Kat) Kingdom

    Meet King, the Bengal who permanently reigns over the Kingdom. Like our temporary guests, King unwinds in his individual condo, where he keeps an eye on the pedestrian happenings of the lesser lobby creatures (any of us who weren’t lucky enough to be born feline).

    When he isn’t prowling the ramps and climbing the tree (taunting mere mortals with his extraordinary athleticism), King graciously allows his feline visitors access to the Kingdom. He oversees all cat toy purchases and wants to assure those owned by felines that, with a team member around 24/7, your kitty will never feel abandoned or bored.

  • Grooming

    “Groove is in the heart…also in the cut”

    Aubrey Swan has had a passion for grooming since a young age and has been perfecting her craft since graduating from ABC Grooming School in 2017. Grooming to Aubrey is more than making your furbaby adorable, it’s about making sure your pets skin and coat are healthy and happy! Aubrey is one of the only groomers who is trained to work with a new technology called Thera-Clean micro bubbler. It uses tiny micro bubbles to help clean out the pores, removing dirt, bacteria, yeast and even allergens to dramatically improve your beloved pets skin and coat. In Aubrey’s free time you will find her enjoying time with her two pups, Rascal, a heeler/dachshund mix and Dylan, a standard poodle who loves when his mom does creative grooming on him allowing her to continue growing her skill set. Aubrey cannot wait to meet you and your furry friends!

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